U of Michigan President Donates 3% Raise To Scholarship Program

Monday, September 24, 2012
The University of Michigan Board of Regents on Thursday approved a 3 percent salary increase for President Mary Sue Coleman, but she donated it to fund global student travel for the second consecutive year. The $17,574 raise brings Coleman's base salary to $603,357. That sum does not include an annual $175,000 deferred compensation and a $100,000 annual retention bonus — making her annual salary $878,357. She also lives in the presidential home and drives a university car. Coleman thanked the board for its vote of confidence but said she would donate the $17,574 increase to the university's study abroad scholarship program. Coleman also donated a 2.75 percent raise awarded to her last year, also to help students study overseas. "I want more students to travel," Coleman said.

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