U Of Louisville Is Depending More On Foundation

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For the first time in the University of Louisville’s history, more of the school’s budget for educating students is coming from its foundation — the school’s fundraising arm — than from the state’s general fund appropriation.

And that is an ominous sign that state officials are not as focused on providing college education as they once were — and jeopardizes advances made in the years after the state’s 1997 higher education reform effort, U of L President Jim Ramsey said.

“Higher education has not been the highest priority over a period of time,” said Ramsey, adding that the university has lost numerous high-profile professors as state funding has been cut.

Despite the fact that state contributions have dropped under Gov. Steve Beshear, his spokeswoman said funding higher education has been a prime goal and that Beshear has protected it as best he could.

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