U. of Iowa Fires Tenured Professor Over Outbursts

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The University of Iowa took the rare step Thursday of firing a tenured professor who has been barred from campus since January 2011, saying he subjected a wide range of colleagues to repeated personal attacks, harassment and threats that disrupted the workplace.

A 44-page report from a faculty panel recommended the dismissal of radiology professor Malik Juweid, who has collected nearly $400,000 in salary since his campus ban, for repeatedly violating workplace behavior rules. The report said he sent a trove of abusive and threatening emails to College of Medicine colleagues, and once improperly released a patient's medical records.

"Taken together, these emails evince a disregard for fundamental notions of collegiality and mutual respect which undergird the functioning of an academic institution," the panel concluded, after hearing testimony in June.

President Sally Mason ordered university officials to adopt the report's findings, marking the first time since 2005 that a tenured professor — who can only be terminated for cause — has been fired.

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