U Of I Concedes At Trial Key Evidence Was Erased

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The University of Iowa erased a video that would have been key to resolving a dispute between it and an employee who believes she was illegally passed over for promotion because of her conservative political views, it admitted in federal court here on Tuesday.

The school hired Teresa Wagner as a part-time staffer at the Iowa College of Law Writing Resource Center in 2006. She applied for a full-time instructor’s position in the fall of that year, but claims the job went to a lesser qualified candidate with liberal views.

Wagner, an Iowa law school graduate, has previously worked for the National Right to Life Committee and the Family Research Council. The committee opposes abortion and the council opposes same-sex marriage.

The university denies politics played a part in the decision. It says Wagner didn’t get the job largely because she said during a presentation to faculty in January 2007 that she was unwilling to teach legal analysis, which was included in the job description.

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