U of Colorado Works To Expand Tuition Waiver Benefits For Employees

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The University of Colorado is on pace to begin allowing employees to transfer their unused tuition waivers to their children or spouses.

Staff and faculty groups are still reviewing the proposed policy, said CU system spokesman Ken McConnellogue. But he said that he expects the changes to be approved by March and go into effect in the summer. CU's proposed policy also would allow for employees' same-gender domestic partners to use the benefit.

Now, CU allows faculty and staff members who are not classified as state employees to take up to nine credit hours a year for free. They must take the classes on the same campus where they work and are allowed to enroll on a space-available basis.

CU hired an outside consulting firm to study how CU's benefits stacked up when compared to other universities nationwide and found that its tuition benefit was lacking when compared to the 27 other schools. On average, employees at those schools are eligible to take up to 12.3 credit hours and their families oftentimes benefit from the programs.

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