U of Colorado Regent: Tuition Increases Far Outpacing State Cuts

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A University of Colorado regent has created a report that shows in-state tuition and fees increased 112 percent over the past decade, far outpacing state cuts to the flagship school that totaled 51 percent.

The report was compiled by Jim Geddes, R-Sedalia, who voted against last year's tuition increases.

University officials, when presenting tuition increase proposals, have often cited the need for more tuition revenue because of declining state funding. A new federal report even shows that Colorado universities have suffered the deepest cuts in the past decade and are among the most poorly funded in the nation.

Boulder campus leaders are asking the regents to approve a new tuition structure for the next school year that equates to a 15.7 percent increase. Under the proposal, tuition for full-time students in the College of Arts and Sciences would increase from $7,672 this year to $8,875 next year.

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