U of Colorado Regent: Outcry Over Administrators' Raises Killed 15.7% Tuition Hike

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Public outcry over tuition-funded raises for top University of Colorado officials derailed plans for a 15.7 percent tuition increase, a regent testified Monday before state lawmakers considering a bill designed to make state colleges more fiscally transparent.

Regent Sue Sharkey, R-Windsor, appeared before the state House Education Committee, which gave initial approval Monday to House Bill 1252, a measure that would require Colorado's colleges to create a publicly accessible database with professors' salaries, benefits, teaching loads, grants and travel reimbursements.

"I have every reason to believe we are off of the 15.7 percent (tuition) increase because of the public outcry, because of transparency," Sharkey said, testifying on her own behalf, not as a university representative. "But that would have been voted on at a February meeting had it not been for the public response -- and we would now have a 15.7 percent tuition increase for next fall."

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