U Of California Freshman Applicants For 2013 A Record High

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Freshman applications to University of California schools for the 2013 school year reached a record high of more than 174,700, with Latinos making up the largest portion of applicants for the first time.

All nine undergraduate campuses saw an increase in freshman applicants from the previous year, with a systemwide increase of 10.7%, according to figures released by the UC system Friday. Latino students accounted for 32%.

The number of out-of-state and international freshman applicants surged, 15% and 34% respectively, while the number of California students who applied for admission as freshmen grew by a more modest 6.2%.

"This is the ninth year of record all-time highs," said Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for the UC system. "In general, students are applying to more colleges, whether they're hedging their bets or what have you."

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