U of Calif Drops Controversial New Logo

Ann McClure's picture

The new University of California logo is a no-go.

Responding to a wave of revulsion in the last week over the symbol's modern design, officials announced Friday that they would suspend further use of the logo and remove it where possible.

"While I believe the design element in question would win wide acceptance over time, it also is important that we listen to and respect what has been a significant negative response by students, alumni and other members of our community," Daniel M. Dooley, UC's senior vice president for external relations, said in a statement.

Opponents had complained that the large "U" — which surrounded a fading "C" — was ugly, incomprehensible and made the university seem like a crass PR machine. They lobbied for the restoration of UC's century-old seal, with its "Let There Be Light" motto, a drawing of an open book and the 1868 date of the system's founding.

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