U of Calif. Davis Chancellor Unveils Revenue Plan With More Nonresident Students

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UC Davis is moving to add 5,000 students, many of them from outside California, in a bid to increase revenue and reduce its dependence on volatile state funding.

The plan, unveiled in a speech Wednesday by Chancellor Linda Katehi, is in line with a concerted effort across the University of California system to admit more non-California students to stabilize UC's finances. Nonresidents pay more than twice as much as Californians in tuition and fees.

Katehi's plan would take that strategy a step further. It would swell UC Davis' student population by 15 percent, all in the undergraduate ranks. The school would grow to a total of 37,000 students, making Davis the second-largest campus behind UCLA.

As many as half the additional students could come from outside the state, enabling the expansion to pay for itself, she said in an interview.

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