Two-year Tuition Freeze for St. Mary’s College (Md.) Approved

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Students and their families at St. Mary’s College of Maryland will see some relief from steady tuition hikes now that the Maryland General Assembly has passed legislation to freeze those costs for two years.

The state will pay the college an extra $800,000, or the equivalent of a 4 percent tuition increase, on top of other inflationary increases built into the state funding formula for fiscal year 2014.

“We’ll get it from the state, instead of the students, which is terrific,” President Joseph Urgo said. Tuition for Maryland students is currently $12,245 a year; the freeze will save students about $500 per year.

The college is also obligated to keep tuition frozen for the 2014-2015 academic year, when the state will give another increase equivalent to a 4 percent tuition hike. The tuition freeze only applies to Maryland residents, not out-of-state students.

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