Two-Year College System To Pay Interim Chancellor More Than $50,000 For Services (Updated)

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Alabama's two-year college system will consider adopting a formal policy for compensating interim chancellors in the wake of a decision today to pay its latest interim $50,796 for six months of services.

Voting today, the State Board of Education approved a resolution to adjust the pay of Vice Chancellor for Instructional and Student Services Susan Price to compensate for her extra services as interim chancellor from March 8 through Sept. 20.

While the measure passed with a significant majority -- garnering a single dissenting vote -- it sparked calls for a definitive policy on how to handle interim chancellors' and presidents' pay in the future.

"Dr. Price's performance was exemplary to say the least, but the process we followed in doing this compensation at this time is a little puzzling to me," said board member Charles Elliott.

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