Tuskegee's new president brings along $100,000 gift

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Tuskegee University's new president brought along a $100,000 gift Friday. Brian Johnson, 40, also told students and faculty that social media interaction will be fine with him.

"You will probably find me on Facebook and Twitter and that's okay," Johnson said, adding he'll be too busy to start answering them right away and will rely on his staff to help him with that assignment.

Accompanied by his wife and two sons, Johnson quickly won over the large crowd at the TU chapel during his speech, especially when he said he would be promoting an "outcome-based" program available to the public under his "transparent administration."

During a news conference following his speech, Johnson, who begins his tenure Monday, was asked about the $100,000 family gift that will take the form of an endowed student scholarship spread over five years.

Johnson indicated it was a way for him and his wife, Shemeka, to illustrate a "proverbial expression" to "put your money where your mouth is."

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