Tulane University Neighbors Fired Up After Fraternity House Burns

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When fire devastated the Zeta Psi house on Broadway early Sunday, it marked the fifth time a fraternity house had gone up in flames in the university area since Hurricane Katrina. Even though fire officials say the blazes appear unrelated and don't signal a larger problem, the president of the local neighborhood association has had enough. "It's time for Tulane to look into whether it should have these off-campus fraternities at all," said Tommy Milliner, president of Maple Area Residents Inc. "It may be private property, but Tulane doesn't have to sanction off-campus fraternities. ... This is something now that we seriously have to look into, having a dialogue with Tulane." Because the fraternity houses are privately owned, Tulane is limited in what it can do, said Mike Hogg, Tulane University's vice president for student affairs. But the university does require that each of the 18 fraternity houses affiliated with the school be inspected annually by the state fire marshal's office and that they have smoke detectors, he said. These visits occur around this time of year, Hogg said, adding that all the houses passed last year.

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