Tulane University Football Stadium Parking Proposal Leaves Many Dissatisfied

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If 30,000 people attend a football game at Tulane University's proposed on-campus stadium, 70 percent of them are likely to travel by private cars, meaning more than 8,000 parking spaces would be needed to accommodate them, consultants working for Tulane said at a public forum this week. Yet fewer than 1,800 spaces are likely to be available on the Tulane campus. Tulane officials said they are confident they will be able to find all the needed spaces, including by shuttling thousands of fans to the game on buses from distant lots, but the fact they are not yet able to identify most of those lots left many at the forum dissatisfied.

Tulane hopes to open the stadium for the 2014 football season.

Consultants said similar park-and-ride systems handle from 25 percent to 50 percent of the parking requirements at other urban stadiums, some of them far larger than Tulane's, such as the 80,000-seat University of Wisconsin stadium in Madison and the 72,500-seat University of Washington stadium in Seattle. At Tulane, they said, about 23 percent of the needed parking would have to be provided by a park-and-ride system.

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