Tuition Rising 8.5 Percent at Miss. Universities

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Tuition will rise about 8.5 percent, on average, next year at Mississippi's eight public universities.

The increase was approved Monday by the College Board, finalizing an amount that was discussed last month.

In-state students taking two semesters of full-time classes will pay an average of $5,906 for the 2012-13 school year. That amount will be $459 higher, on average, than this year.

Some students pay less than full price because of scholarships or financial aid.

Officials said increases are necessary because state appropriations continue to shrink. The system's overall budget will go up slightly next year, but those increases are earmarked for financial aid, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and some other special items. Universities will see their general appropriations shrink by 1 percent, according to an allotment approved Monday by college board members.

"We are a fairly efficient organization," said Higher Education Commissioner Hank Bounds. "We've made a lot of cuts. At some point, you can't do more with less. At some point, less is less."

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