Tuition Reflects Market Realities (Opinion)

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The cost of higher education isn't one size fits all. Instructional requirements are more costly for some disciplines than for others. Course work in engineering and business, for example, comes with a much higher overhead than does a general studies curriculum.

Many of these programs are in high demand, and not just because at the University of Illinois they are ranked among the best in the nation. Graduates in the sciences, engineering, business and other high-demand curricula also tend to be in greater demand by employers and have significantly more career earning power.

A truly world-class education is driven by quality and demand.

In recent years, tuition schedules have evolved to reflect those market realities. Rates that were once applied across the board are now tempered by a principle of fairness. Students in high-demand, high-cost programs and with prospects for higher salaries should not be subsidized by other students.

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