Tuition at Iowa community colleges up 2.8 percent

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Two years of significant increases in state aid to community colleges have enabled school officials to slow the growth in their tuition rates, according to a state report issued Wednesday.

The average tuition for a full-time student enrolled for 15 credit hours at Iowa’s 15 community colleges increased by $113 to $4,210 for the current school year. That represented an overall rise of 2.8 percent for students who are paying tuition and fees that rank 44 percent above the national average, according to data contained in a report issued by the Iowa Department of Education.

Tuition ranged from $4,500 at Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar to $3,833 at North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City.

When fees charged by 10 of the 15 colleges were added, total per-student costs ranged from $5,220 at Iowa Valley Community College in Marshalltown to $4,020 at Eastern Iowa Community College in Davenport. The average mandatory fee charged by community colleges increased to nearly $347 in fiscal 2014.

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