Trustees to Vote on Tuition Hike, Look at ‘Guaranteed Tuition’ Plan

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When the Ohio University Board of Trustees meets Friday, it will be asked to approve a 1.6 percent tuition increase for undergraduates on the Athens campus, as well as an increase in room and board rates.

The Trustees will also hear a detailed outline of how a proposed "guaranteed tuition" approach might work to help stabilize OU's tuition income and students' tuition costs, as well as providing an added incentive for students to stay at OU and finish their degrees.

The immediate tuition-hike proposal calls for a 1.6 percent hike in undergrad tuition and fees, with no increase in the surcharge paid by out-of-state students. The room-and-board increase would result in students paying 3.5 percent more for a standard double room, and 0.5 percent more for meal plans.

Regional campuses would see a 1.6 percent "blended" increase rate, meaning some would go up by 2 percent, and some by 0.8 percent. The Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine would increase its tuition by 5 percent, and enact an additional 5 percent to the out-of-state surcharge.

The proposed tuition increase will generate about an extra $2.75 million in revenues, which according to Trustee agenda material will be used "to make essential investments in employee compensation, health care, capital improvements and heating plant replacement." OU plans to replace its old coal-burning Lausche steam-heat plant with something cleaner and more energy efficient.

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