Trinity Seeking To Curb Risky Behavior By Forcing Frats To Go Coed

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Faced with a slide in national ranking and a growing party reputation, Trinity College plans to transform its social climate, including forcing fraternities and sororities to go coed.

The decision on Greek life has thrust Trinity President James F. Jones Jr. and the board of trustees into the center of a firestorm of protest and petitions from sorority and fraternity members and alumni, with some threatening to withhold donations.

"In the end, it's really about taking a look and saying, 'What should be the ideal environment in which students develop intellectually and as human beings?'" said Trinity Dean of Students Frederick Alford. "We are a residential college. We believe learning and development takes place everywhere."

The decision to change Greek life and to make other reforms that will expand alternative social opportunities on campus was made after a period of self-reflection and study at Trinity that turned up some alarming trends.

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