Trident Technical College Automates eProcurement with SciQuest

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SciQuest, a provider of cloud-based business automation solutions, today announced that Trident Technical College, a public, multi-campus community college based in South Carolina, has gone live with SciQuest's Express Solution for Higher Education. SciQuest's solutions will enable Trident Technical College to work closely with other higher education institutions in South Carolina to consolidate procurement resources. Trident Technical College and participating institutions intend to use SciQuest solutions to pool their purchasing power to create a Consortium Community to drive cost savings and gains in purchasing efficiency.

SciQuest's Express Solution for Higher Education, which is being integrated by Ellucian with the college's enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Colleague® by Ellucian, is a stand-alone source-to-settle eProcurement solution pre-configured for quick implementation and minimal IT support. Trident Technical College and other consortium community members can intuitively shop from online catalogs, create point-and-click requisitions, and electronically submit those requisitions for approval - all from their desks. The combined purchasing power will give participating schools more negotiating leverage with suppliers, allowing them to optimize efficiency and gain control over spending processes.

Designed specifically for the unique needs of academic institutions, SciQuest's Express Solution for Higher Education empowers schools to gain control over and enhance procurement strategies, delivering a seamless purchasing experience to every user on campus. Using the solution, schools across the world have achieved numerous benefits:

  • Unparalleled user purchasing experience
  • Improved contract compliance, often as much as 100 percent
  • Better customer service and shorter order cycles through back-office procurement process automation
  • Increased visibility into and control over purchasing processes
  • Promotion of preferred vendors to increase negotiation power

"Trident Technical College is facing the same issues faced by so many institutions of higher learning - to cut costs and find ways to stretch the dollars they do have to deliver the best educational experience," said John Fabris, vice president of higher education at SciQuest. "By working with some of the largest and most prestigious schools in the world to automate critical business processes, SciQuest has developed a deep knowledge of the unique requirements of educational institutions. This allows us to work with schools like Trident Technical College to turn spending into a source of strategic saving."

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