Trade Tech College Foundation's Former Chairman Quits Board

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The embattled former chairman of a foundation at Los Angeles Trade Technical College that has come under scrutiny over its executive director's lavish perks and spending resigned from the board Thursday, with parting shots blaming the college president for some of the foundation's issues.

Darryl Holter had previously stepped down as chairman of the foundation board, but on Thursday resigned from the panel altogether.

Holter had been criticized for allowing the foundation's executive director, Rhea Chung, to receive the perks. Chung is on administrative leave while the college district probes alleged improprieties in the foundation's spending, including allegations that Trade Tech President Roland "Chip" Chapdelaine's signature was forged on some checks to Chung.

Chung maintained that all of her spending was approved by Chapdelaine and has hired Mark Geragos, a criminal defense attorney who often takes on high-profile cases. District officials have said they will refer the results of an internal investigation into the alleged forged checks to the district attorney, but completion of that audit has been delayed several times.

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