Towson Will Receive $2 Million To Launch Program Designed To Produce Math, Science Teachers

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Towson University will receive $2 million in state and private grant funds to start a new program designed to increase production of math and science teachers.

The initiative will be based on the 15-year-old UTeach program, which more than doubled the output of math and science teachers at the University of Texas, Austin and is widely regarded as a model for training teachers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

UTeach offers financial incentives for math, science and computer science majors to train and enter the workforce as teachers. Participants are paired with mentors at local schools, who guide them in fieldwork throughout their four years of college. At Texas, 80 percent of UTeach participants remain teaching five years after graduation.

Interim state Superintendent Bernard Sadusky said the program will "supercharge math and science education throughout our schools."

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