TouchNet launches Marketplace POS

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TouchNet® Information Systems, Inc. today announced Marketplace POS™: a new solution that allows campuses to extend Marketplace online storefronts and mobilize attended payments using a new state-of-the-art handheld device.

Marketplace POS includes the latest mobile payment technology, including PIN debit, signature debit, and credit card payment options; barcode generator/reader; and TouchNet’s new Device Manager software. Device Manager enables checking in and out devices to different attendants and enabling/disabling the device remotely.

Marketplace POS is a turnkey mobile solution that provides completely centralized, secure, and PCI compliant payments all across the campus enterprise. It integrates seamlessly with Marketplace uStores and key campus ERP student and finance systems. Marketplace POS uses P2PE (point-to-point encryption) technology to protect cardholder information and potentially reduce PCI scope.

"Marketplace POS is a great opportunity for schools to leverage their online storefronts already in place," said TouchNet president Dan Toughey. "Marketplace POS enables you to mobilize your point-of-sale and be ready to take in-person payments for conferences, sporting events, donations, parking, and more – everywhere people pay."

Marketplace POS by TouchNet will be demonstrated at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 17-18, in Anaheim. For more information on Marketplace POS, please visit

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