Top language schools report efficiency gains with Uni-Pay, Class link-up

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Two years on from the announcement of the link-up between Uni-Pay and Infospeed, more and more of the world’s leading language schools are saving significant amounts of time and money through the integrated student registration and fee payment system. Now on its second version, the link provides real time integration between the Class School Management System and Uni-Pay’s payment platforms. With just a single click in Class, the whole process of communicating with students to request payment, collecting payments, and then updating the individual student record and finance ledger in the Class system, is fully automated. Bell, Kings Colleges, International House Cairo, and Harrow House International College, are among many top language schools now benefitting from big improvements in efficiency using the free, integrated service.

Students are also experiencing a quicker and smoother registration and payment process which helps institutions ensure they comply with visa regulations. According to a recent government report, the UK is now the most popular destination for students studying English outside of their home country.

Bell, which has taught over 100,000 students from more than 90 countries in the last 10 years, has a number schools in the UK. It has been using the Uni-Pay/Class system since June 2013.

Tony Kirk, Bell project accountant, said “significant improvements” had been made in just a few months.

As well as improvements for the student, Bell also benefited from less time spent by credit control staff updating CLASS with payment details. This also avoided the potential for errors as figures did not have to be entered manually.

As registration and payment is quicker, students can secure their essential visa documentation earlier.

“Payments are flagged in the system straight away, when previously we had to wait for the credit controller to effect that payment through the system,” said Tony. “Now it is instantaneous, which means they get their confirmation document and visa documents more quickly.”

Tony also praised the support Bell received from Uni-Pay and Infospeed when the streamlined system was first introduced.

“The development team were good at listening and really good at taking suggestions on board. They would introduce changes if they could see the logic behind it. If we did have any teething problems, they were at the end of the phone.”

A recent UK government report International Education: Global growth and prosperity, says that in 2011 nearly half of an estimated 1.5 million students worldwide studying English outside of their home country came to the UK, spending around £2.5 billion on tuition fees and living costs.

Lisa Lynch, Sales and Marketing Director at Uni-Pay commented: “Since upgrading the link between Class and Uni-Pay to web services last year, we have seen a rush of schools signing up to benefit from a fully integrated payment platform within the Class system. I am particularly excited about the number of multi-country schools that are beginning to see the benefits of all of their payments being managed automatically and effectively across their full range of currencies and countries.”

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