Too many college students are going hungry

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The rising cost of attending college has attracted a lot of attention lately, particularly when it comes to the enormous pile of student loan debt most enrollees are accumulating.

A new study shows that the burden of pursuing a college diploma also inflicts pain upon students in a more immediate and personal way. The recent Hunger in America 2014 report reveals that food insecurity is a real problem in the U.S., even among those whom we would expect should have such basic needs provided within the framework of their educational expenditures.

Feeding America, a coalition of 200 member food banks across the United States, publishes this report every four years. This year's study is the first in which questions regarding student status were included, among other new queries. This change was likely due to the effects of the Great Recession, which caused a great influx of people of all socio-economic backgrounds into the realm of higher education. 

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