Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin Set To Get Significant Raise, Contract Extension

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Texas A&M announced Saturday that football coach Kevin Sumlin will receive a raise and contract extension, pending approval Feb. 1 from the Board of Regents. The rest of the coaching staff will also be rewarded with increased compensation.

Sumlin is expected to earn a significant boost from the $2 million a year he initially agreed to a year ago, for five seasons, after leading the Aggies to an 11-2 season and an AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic victory over Oklahoma. He earned a one-year extension, a source confirmed, keeping him under contact for five future seasons. CBSSports.com reported the five-year deal and noted that NFL teams and a college program had pursued Sumlin in the last month. However, according to his initial contract, Sumlin would’ve had to pay a $2 million buyout had he left A&M before March 31.

A&M has not disclosed the terms of the agreement.

Talks have been in the works in recent weeks to take care of the staff that led A&M to a landmark first season in the SEC.

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