Texarkana College to raise services and reduce costs with Jenzabar

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Jenzabar®, Inc., a leading provider of software, strategies, and services for higher education, announced that Texarkana College has selected the Jenzabar EX enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The principal advantages in the Jenzabar solution was ease of use, a comprehensive set of modules, competitive pricing, and support requirements.

Texarkana College’s major objectives when choosing an ERP were ease of use for students and staff, ability to manage and maintain the ERP with current IT staffing levels, and affordable pricing and support for state mandated requirements. While in the process of considering options from different vendors, users from Texarkana’s functional areas often commented on the ease of operations and fewer staff requirements found in Jenzabar EX. Also, with the ERP built on Microsoft technologies, the required skills were readily available within existing staff.

“Jenzabar EX provides an intuitive user interface that makes learning and using the software much easier than other systems we evaluated. The student body will find the system easier to navigate,” said Michael Dumdei, Director of IT at Texarkana College. “Texarkana College will save a significant amount of time and money, and we will have a user-friendly system that can be easily managed and maintained.”

The Jenzabar EX ERP system is offered on the industry-leading Microsoft® SQL Server® platform and provides interoperable workflows that adapt as institutional policies change and technology evolves. The web portal provides extensive functionality for both students and faculty. Texarkana will also be utilizing Jenzabar Mobile, which allows students to register, check grades, and other common tasks through their mobile devices.

“Jenzabar’s highest level executives and program managers have made a full commitment to meeting our needs. I was impressed that Jenzabar’s national level executives took time to discuss our specific situation and work toward a solution for Texarkana College,” said Dumdei. “We found Jenzabar and their employees to be very responsive to our requirements and they have also involved a long time partner, Educational Systems Products (ESP), which has 30 years of experience with Texas requirements.”

“Texarkana has unique needs and requirements within the state of Texas. We collaborated with Educational Systems Products to ensure the College had the best-fit solution,” said Robert A. Maginn, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Jenzabar. “Jenzabar EX will provide students and staff easy-to-use software at an affordable cost for the institution.”

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