Tenured UC Riverside Professor Faces Rare Firing Discussions

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The University of California Board of Regents is scheduled this week to discuss a highly unusual proposal to fire a veteran tenured professor and deny him the perks of emeritus retirement.

The case involves a UC Riverside international finance professor who has been in lengthy court disputes over UC allegations that he improperly received outside income during sabbaticals.

Because of confidentiality rules covering personnel actions, the regents' agenda item mentions only an unnamed UC Riverside professor; it does not give a reason for the possible discipline. University officials refuse to release those details, saying that would violate privacy rules.

However, Sarkis Joseph Khoury and one of his attorneys confirm that he is the professor in question and contend that the regents' discussion is the result of his long-term disagreements over his sabbaticals; his Republican political views and Lebanese heritage; and his advocacy for hiring minority professors, among other matters.

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