Tension Precedes What Many Hope Is ‘Equitable, Fair Methodology’ For Funding Higher Education

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In the ongoing debate over whether universities and colleges in Southern Nevada are getting short shrift at budget time comes this question: Who can be trusted to come up with a fair and equitable funding formula, a consultant hired by the chancellor or one retained by the Legislature?

There is, after all, tension between the two. The Nevada System of Higher Education and its elected regents run the state’s public colleges and universities, but they’re funded mostly through the Legislature.

At stake is the slicing and dicing of $350 million in operating funds for the Nevada System of Higher Education.

This can be the basis for high drama in the state capital — especially given the competition for money between UNR and UNLV — and it’s playing out this week. On Wednesday, a legislative committee is scheduled to get recommendations from its consultant for a new funding formula that is supposed to make budget decisions more fair.

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