A Tense Debate, But Euphoria Across The Campus

Ann McClure's picture

When the final presidential debate rolled into Lynn University on Monday, no one in Boca Raton — or anywhere else — could have missed the spectacle.

"This is epic," declared Christina Louis, a Miramar middle school teacher who took the day off to volunteer at the debate. "With my kids, we are talking about citizenship and duty and I am showing them that an average Jane like me can be part of a big historical event like this."

The school crackled with energy as students, university officials, the media and denizens mingled on a campus which became center stage with two weeks left to Election Day.

Red, white and blue hues draped virtually every corner of the campus from the streamers that wrapped the concrete columns to the gumballs inside jars at the AARP tent. Students also had a bad case of patriotic fever.

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