Tenn. Prof. Set to Drive Across County With No Gasoline

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As a Middle Tennessee State University alternative fuels researcher, Dr. Cliff Ricketts believes he stands on the edge of history.

On Saturday, March 9, Ricketts began a five-day, 2,600-mile journey to drive coast-to-coast using no gas.

How can he do it? After driving across the country in March 2012 and needing only 2.15 gallons of gas, Ricketts has the solution: His fuel sources for the 1994 Toyota Tercel and 2005 Toyota Prius will be hydrogen from water separated by sun (solar), all produced on the MTSU campus in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

"We're showing how America could be energy independent if the need arises," Ricketts said. "We don't need any foreign oil. ... What we achieved last year was less pollution and less dependent on foreign oil."

"Hydrogen can be made from natural gas," he added. "Our hydrogen comes from water. With hydrogen, everything's natural. The solar is all natural and it's sustaining."

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