Temple unveils plan to reduce student debt, boost on-time graduation

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Beginning in the fall, Temple University will offer incoming students from lower-income families $4,000 annual grants to help cover the cost of tuition if they agree to limit their off-campus jobs to no more than 10 hours a week during school, President Neil D. Theobald announced Monday.

The program, "Fly in 4," is designed to help students graduate within four years by reducing their need to work off campus. Currently, 43 percent of Temple students graduate within four years, according to the university.

The grant would cover more than a quarter of in-state tuition and fee costs, now $14,096.

Up to 500 of the university's 7,000 incoming freshmen will be eligible for the grants annually, Theobald said Monday. Transfer students also are eligible if they can graduate in four years.

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