Teachers, Students and Real-Time Video Collaboration: Introducing Ask3 for iPad from TechSmith

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The second students walk out of a classroom they often leave behind their ability to collaborate and problem-solve. Many are unable to get help at home and have to wait to ask questions until the next time they’re in class. Ask3, a new iPad app from TechSmith, aims to solve this problem. Ask3 is a free app that allows teachers and students with iPads to easily share knowledge and collaborate via threaded, text and video conversations. By recording voice, drawings, and images, Ask3 can be used to quickly create videos that are shared directly through the app to a small group or class through a private code. To foster collaborative learning, students can pin questions at exact points within a video that are visible to the entire class, and other students can create responses in real-time by adding their own text and video responses. For educators, Ask3 helps teachers learn what information their students understand and areas where they need extra help, allowing them to quickly address challenging and confusing areas right away. 

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