TargetX Launches Social CRM for College Admissions, Adds Other Enhancements to Its Student Recruitment Manager®

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Student recruiting firm TargetX has announced a dramatic series of enhancements to its CRM tool for college admissions. The Student Recruitment Manager (SRM), first introduced in 2008, now makes it possible to connect with prospective students like never before, according to TargetX CEO Brian Wm. Niles.

"The SRM provides integration with the social networks that students use most," said Niles, "so schools now have the ability to combine personal data about their prospects with the conversations that are taking place on Facebook and Twitter. Admissions people are always saying they want everything about a prospective student in one place, and now they can have it -- including what students are saying and thinking."

Many of the enhancements to the SRM, including the ability to track social interaction, coincide with the latest release of the world's leading CRM platform from The SRM is built on the platform, which means TargetX can pass along to clients any of the improvements that Salesforce makes to its cloud-based CRM system.

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