Tapping For Tuition: Penn State Students Dances to Fund His Education

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Joshua Johnson thought he had little hopes of achieving something none of his family members ever had: a college education.

But then, after applying to numerous schools during his senior year of high school, an acceptance letter came: Penn State University.

To afford tuition, Johnson scraped together enough money through the help of mentors, friends, and—oddly enough—several hundred New York City straphangers.

Unusually resourceful and talented, Johnson travels back and forth between Penn State and the bowels of New York City, where he tap dances on the subway platforms to help raise the $6,000 he needs each year for tuition, books, meal plans, and other bills. (That’s the balance after his financial aid packaging—comprised of a Pell Grant, Stafford loans, and $200 per semester in scholarship—is applied.)

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