Talkaphone releases new interactive emergency notification platform

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Talkaphone has released a new interactive emergency notification platform as part of its WEBS family of products.

WEBS Contact Plus makes it easy to send notifications through a wide range of media to defined groups of recipients and WEBS-enabled devices. Recipients are able to receive notifications through various methods such as phone call, SMS (text message), email, and Android/iPhone mobile app.

WEBS Contact Plus is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) mass notification solution that is reliable and is scalable enough to send thousands of notifications around the world almost instantaneously. No installation of on-premise servers or applications is required.

In addition to all standard notification and reporting features of the WEBS Contact platform, WEBS Contact Plus provides easy to use template-based notifications, multilingual text-to-speech support, and accessibility via Web, email or touch-tone phone.

  • Send notifications through a Web interface, by sending an email, or making a phone call.
  • Use existing message templates or easily create new notifications and recipient groups in seconds.
  • Notify recipients by cell/mobile phones, landline phones, SMS, email, pager, BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN messaging, fax, TTY, VOIP-500 Series IP Call Station, and WEBS-enabled devices.
  • Broadcast intelligible audio messages to WEBS-enabled devices through the use of optional Geographical Information Services (GIS), which helps notify those who need information in the case of regional threats.
  • Create cascade notifications that automate additional follow-up notifications based on recipient responses.
  • Allow team members, such as emergency responders, to join a conference call by simply pressing a key on their phones to share critical information, make urgent decisions, and coordinate response efforts.
  • Optional Mobile Recipient App gives smartphone users an easy way to receive and respond to notifications, join conference calls with a touch, and locates a recipient (requires optional GIS) when a response is provided through the Mobile Recipient App.

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