Tacoma Community College Moves Support to the Cloud with Parature, Resolving Issues Faster for Thousands of Students, Staff and Faculty

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Parature, a global leader in cloud-based customer engagement software, announced today that Tacoma Community College selected Parature for online customer support to service its thousands of students, staff and faculty members, dramatically improving issue resolution times. Tacoma joins over 300 colleges and universities that rely on Parature’s cloud-based technology for their online customer support portal.

Prior to selecting Parature, most support issues for the college came through email, and there was not much flexibility to set up routing or alerts for the support staff and get pressing support inquiries to the right agents in a timely manner. Now students, faculty and staff can access an online portal powered by Parature, research their questions in a comprehensive Knowledgebase, use Parature’s EasyAnswer feature to find their answers, and then, if necessary, submit tickets online for one-to-one customer support.

Because Tacoma can now sort support issues and route urgent ones to the right support reps, they are able to turn around responses much faster. Prior to implementing Parature it could take up to 72 hours to respond to an email inquiry; now tickets are being resolved within just a few hours of submission.

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