Tackling Problems Of Higher Education (Opinion)

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America's institutions of higher learning face a daunting multitude of problems. Rapidly rising costs. Greatly diminished support from state legislatures for public colleges and universities. Students graduating with crushing debt loads that will take a lifetime to repay -- assuming they can find employment, for which their high-priced education has often left them ill-suited. Ill-paid and disgruntled non-tenured adjunct professors. And unseemly infighting of the kind that recently afflicted the august University of Virginia.

But a committee of university presidents has stood up to, and seemingly solved, an intractable problem that has pitted region against region, caused no end of complaints and ill will and even wound up in the courts, in an appeal to the Department of Justice and on the floor of Congress. The president of the United States even waded into the controversy.

The university presidents have scrapped the detested Bowl Championship Series, in which teams were chosen by an arcane and opaque process that inevitably omitted a deserving team or two, in favor of a four-team playoff to choose the national college football champion.

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