Syracuse University Chancellor, President Nancy Cantor named chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark

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At a meeting today of the Rutgers University Board of Governors, Rutgers President Robert L. Barchi named Chancellor Nancy Cantor as the new chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark. Cantor, who last fall announced upcoming plans to conclude her tenure at SU, will begin her new role at Rutgers-Newark in January 2014.

“Words cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for having the privilege to lead SU for nearly a decade, to be a partner with so many throughout Central New York and across the nation, and to forge so many friendships that will never fade. It has been tremendously rewarding to think, learn and problem-solve with the Syracuse community—all of which I will draw upon as I prepare to take this next step,” says Cantor. “Rutgers-Newark is a gem of a research university that is creating innovation; engaging in public scholarship; enrolling first-generation students of all ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds; and partnering to make a difference in a remarkably resilient city where the global becomes local, and the future is being charted. I am excited by the opportunity to lead this great institution.”

“The Rutgers-Newark campus and community are gaining one of the nation’s outstanding academic leaders and the Rutgers board is gaining a deeply thoughtful, energetic and committed partner,” says SU Board of Trustees Chairman Richard L. Thompson. “Nancy has been a superlative leader, seeing our University to wonderful success and helping us to build on our distinctive greatness and achieve new heights. Among her many achievements, she led us through an aggressive and successful $1 billion capital campaign, positioned us in ways that have resulted in a record level of applications from an applicant pool that is more diverse than ever, attracted hundreds of new faculty, overseen the creation of a stellar array of new academic facilities, and engaged our city and community in unprecedented ways. Through these efforts, and her thoughtfully planned transition, she has positioned SU to attract a new leader of the highest caliber.”

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