Symplicity introduces new features in student conduct and behavioral intervention management system

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Symplicity today announced the winter update of Advocate, a cloud-based student conduct and behavioral intervention solution that allows institutions to streamline case management, centralize incident reporting, and proactively identify and effectively address students of concern.

New features, including exporting and filtering picklist capabilities, improved incident and CARE scoring, and batch printing controls of letters, notes and picklists provide essential enhancements that increase overall system performance and improve the faculty experience.

Several new enhancements to Advocate’s CARE Network, a module dedicated solely to behavioral intervention and risk assessment, were also released. The new features will provide administrators with improved reporting and scoring capabilities that will enable instances to be more effectively routed, assigned, and resolved.

Other new enhancements to the system include a digest template archive setting, which allows staff to easily pull archived incidents or CARE reports associated with any student, as well as new user rights, for the purpose of differentiating access to student group notes.

“We recognize the need for institutions to proactively address campus safety by effectively monitoring and supporting students of concern,” said Dr. Deborah Sullivan, manager of higher-ed client services at Symplicity. “Advocate makes that possible by providing a comprehensive system with behavioral intervention at its core.” Currently implemented at more than 240 colleges and universities, Advocate is scalable to the needs of student conduct offices of varying levels of size and budget.

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About Advocate

Advocate is a cloud-based solution for student conduct and behavioral intervention services designed to streamline case management, centralize incident reporting, and effectively identify and address students of concern. Advocate offers a robust suite of tools, including conduct case management, engagement tools, incident reporting, and the CARE network, which provides a space for administrators to identify and track what individual actions are being taken to engage and support a student.