Switching from print to digital saves costs at Walsh College

Lynn Russo Whylly's picture

Looking to reduce the cost of preparing the massive, paper-filled binders used by its board members at their meetings, Walsh College (Mich.) officials tried a laptop-based package. That cut down on paper, but the hardware was problematic.

“When you put up the screen in front of you, there is a bit of a barrier to discussion because you have this wall between you and everybody else,” says Helen Kieba-Tolksdorf, vice president, chief financial officer, and treasurer. “A room full of people with screens in front of them just doesn’t lend itself to communication.”

Returning to the drawing board led the team to BoardVantage, which had already made inroads into corporate boardrooms. “When we were looking around at the various alternatives, this one seemed the most intuitive to use,” Kieba-Tolksdorf says. “We’re always looking to make our board members’ lives and our lives easier.”