SUNY school system selects Inceptia for financial education

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Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), announced today that the State University of New York (SUNY) school system selected Inceptia’s Financial Avenue solution to provide financial education to its more than 400,000 students.

SUNY will utilize Inceptia’s Financial Avenue solution to provide financial education to the students on its more than sixty campuses made up of colleges, universities, community colleges and technical colleges. Through its new Smart Track program, which is a campaign to combat student debt throughout New York and set a national model, SUNY is committed to reducing debt and creating a more sound financial future for students and alumni.

Inceptia will also provide default prevention services for seven SUNY schools with the goal of helping student borrowers return to good repayment standing and at the same time, reduce the schools’ cohort default rate.

Randy Heesacker, president and CEO, NSLP, said: “Financial education is a core component to reducing student debt; however, it is also imperative to help those former students who are struggling to repay their student loans. This unique combination of services will help current SUNY students become more financially savvy and help struggling student loan borrowers determine the right repayment option to get them back in good repayment standing. We are proud to be a part of SUNY’s innovative efforts to help students and their families improve their financial knowledge.”

Financial Avenue helps students gain important knowledge about the basics of personal money management through online courses and mini-modules with proven learning objectives, videos, articles and resources. Based on the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission’s financial education core competencies, this program suits various age groups and thoroughly covers the subjects students need to succeed financially. For more information on Financial Avenue, please visit


Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), is a nonprofit organization providing premier expertise in higher education access, student loan repayment, analytics, default prevention and financial education. Our mission is to support schools as they arm students with the knowledge needed to become financially responsible adults. Since 1986, we have helped more than two million students achieve their higher education dreams at 5,500 schools nationwide. Annually, Inceptia helps more than 150,000 students borrow wisely, resolve their delinquency issues and successfully repay their student loan obligations. Inceptia educates students on how to pay for college, guides borrowers through loan repayment counseling, and provides default prevention strategies and services to schools. More information at


The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States, educating nearly 463,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs, and more than 1.8 million NYS citizens in professional development and personal enrichment programs, on 64 college and university campuses. There are nearly 3 million SUNY alumni worldwide. To learn more about how SUNY creates opportunity, visit