SU Faculty, Students Rally Against Corbett’s Proposed Cuts

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Chants of ‘No more cuts’ and ‘Save our system’ rang out on the Shippensburg University campus as faculty, coaches and students joined together Wednesday to oppose cuts to higher education proposed in Governor Tom Corbett’s preliminary budget.

“This is a precursor to the state-wide rally taking place in Harrisburg next Wednesday,” said Deborah Jacobs, president of the Shippensburg University Chapter of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties. “We want our legislators and Governor Corbett to hear about how Shippensburg feels.”

Several faculty members and students raised their voice in opposition to the cuts that threaten to raise tuition at the university or cause a reduction in faculty.

“President Ruud has said that ‘everything is on the table.’ What does that mean? It means that every program and position, anything, can be cut,” Jacobs said.

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