Study: Utah Pays Too Little, Students Too Much, For College

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Utah has a long way to go to fund public colleges and universities at levels needed to meet degree-attainment goals embraced by state leaders, according to a new study.

The study, commissioned by the State Board of Regents, found Utah schools generally receive less state funding than similar schools elsewhere. That means students bear much more of the financial burden for their education than their peers in other states.

Utah Valley University, which has Utah’s biggest student body, is also the biggest outlier in terms of state funding. The $2,522 it receives for each full-time student is far lower than its out-of-state peers, as well as any other Utah school, according to the study, which Regents will discuss at a meeting Wednesday.

At teaching-intensive schools such as UVU, which is geared toward students who lack the means or preparation to attend research institutions, “the state ought to bear a higher proportion of educating the student,” said Regents Chairman David Jordan.

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