Study says University of Akron students accumulate lowest debt upon graduation

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When it comes to student debt at Ohio’s public research universities, University of Akron students had the least and Kent State students the most, according to a new report.

The Institute on College Access and Success says 2012 UA graduates earning bachelor’s degrees owed about $23,300 compared with Kent State graduates’ $31,900, which was almost $3,000 more than both the state average of $29,000 and national one of $29,400.

Michelle Ellis, executive director of financial aid at UA, said she was not surprised that Akron’s main campus did so well this year. She pointed out that UA often has been near the bottom in student debt, possibly in part because it does not have a large residence hall population.

“We’re making a multifaceted effort to inform students about debt, and it’s working,” Ellis said.

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