Study: College Policies Hamper Hispanics

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Some Texas university admission policies are hampering Hispanics in their efforts to pursue higher education, a study indicates.

A Princeton study published online in the journal "Race and Social Problems" found despite people lauding the "Top 10 percentage law," saying it brings diversity to Texas flagship (leading research) universities, Hispanics lose out to whites under the policy.

The Top 10 percentage law guarantees admission for students who graduate in the Top 10 percent of their high school class, the study said.

Dr. Angel Harris and Dr. Maria Tienda from Princeton University studied how college enrollment for Hispanics changed after affirmative action was abandoned for the Top 10 percent law. They compared how application, admission and enrollment rates for Hispanics and whites changed under affirmative action, the no policy period and the Top 10 percent regime, the release said.

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