Study: Best students travel farther for college

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 The highest achieving teenagers are more likely to attend college farther away from home, according to a new study by standardized testing giant ACT. 

The greater a teenager's academic achievements, the likelier he or she is to put more distance between home and college. According to the ACT's research, 2012 high school graduates who took the ACT college readiness exam attended college a median distance of just 51 miles from their home. 

Students with a score of 33 or higher (scores on the test ranges from 1 to a high of 36), the median distance was 170 miles.In contrast, students with the lowest ACT scores, at 24 or lower , traveled less than 50 miles to attend college.  Students with an ACT composite score range of 28 to 36, the median distance from home to college was more than 113 miles. 

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