Student's Walk From Baltimore To Yale Represents Life Change

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Gabe Acheson of Baltimore made a bold commitment in his Yale University admission essay.

"If admitted, I will walk to Yale," read the first line.

Yale said yes, and on Thursday Acheson, 18, kept his promise, completing the last leg of a nearly 400-mile walk from his Baltimore home to Yale's campus in downtown New Haven. The trip took him 26 days through five states, much of it along the Appalachian Trail, during which he experienced amazing views, drank in the beauty of nature and made many new friends.

Walking on Route 108 in Shelton Thursday afternoon about 10 miles short of Yale, Acheson was dressed in a yellow shirt, shorts and floppy hat with a pack slung over his back. He walked at a brisk clip, unmoved by the 80-degree-plus temperature, and regaled a reporter with tales of his trip.

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