Students may see third year without tuition hike, preliminary UC budget shows

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The University of California may see its third straight year with no tuition hike, pending the approval of a preliminary budget for 2014-15 that the UC Board of Regents will discuss next week.

The proposed budget maintains the resident undergraduate tuition of $12,192, which has not changed since the 2011-12 school year. The proposal to continue a tuition freeze comes just a year after the passage of Proposition 30, a California ballot initiative that raised taxes to save the university from a $250 million midyear cut to funding and offered the state much needed financial support for public higher education. The university will discuss the preliminary budget, which includes the proposed tuition freeze, at its three-day meeting at UCSF Mission Bay next week.

The university’s proposed budget for 2014-15 reflects a more financially optimistic plan, involving not only a continued tuition freeze but also proposals to reinvest in academic programs that have suffered major cuts in recent years. Still, these plans are partially reliant on a major increase in state funding for the university.

“Despite the passage of Proposition 30, however, the increase in state funds for UC has not made up for the nearly $1 billion in state funding cuts over five years,” said UC spokesperson Dianne Klein in an email. “We are hopeful additional investment will be made in 2014-15 so that we may avoid a tuition increase and help students and their families keep their spending on higher education within their budgets.”

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